Why sprinkle salt on the doorstep: omens and superstitions

Ihor Romanko

Why sprinkle the doorstep of the house with salt

Salt used to be a scarce and very valuable product, and it has long been credited with magical properties. According to belief, salt can be "charged" with positive and negative energy, as well as used as protection or for evil intentions.

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Salt can help "clear the mind" and even scare away ill-wishers. People believe that salt literally "burns the feet" of a person with evil thoughts. For this purpose, prayers and spells aimed at good should be read over it. But such rituals with salt should be performed in private and in secret, so that all the magic does not dissipate.

Salt can be used not only with good intentions. It is credited with the ability to be saturated with various energies, and bad people use it to jinx.

If you saw salt on your doorstep, don't think bad, just sweep it away, read a prayer and throw away the swept seasoning and everything it touched.

Another folk sign says that if a bad person comes to your house, after they leave, you should sprinkle salt on the doorstep, as if drawing a line, crossing which the person leaves all the negativity behind.

In addition, there is a very practical explanation for sprinkling salt on the doorstep. This is especially relevant for residents of private houses and ground floors. Salt is used to protect the house from insects from the street, for example, from ants or fleas that enter the house from the outside.

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