Why experienced drivers carry salt, laundry soap and aspirin in their cars: proven life hacks

Ihor Romanko

How laundry soap, salt and aspirin can help a driver.
How laundry soap, salt and aspirin can help a driver.

Car parts and consumables are becoming increasingly expensive. In this regard, the life hacks used by our grandfathers are becoming more and more relevant. Today, the most versatile products are WD and super glue. They can help repair rubber and plastic, as well as treat various surfaces if they are unscrewed, jammed, oxidized, or rattling. However, in the days of our grandfathers, there were completely different universal remedies that helped with plastic squeaks, foggy windows, and much more.

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For example, laundry soap can help not only in the house but also in the car. It can be used to rub squeaky elements of the body and interior. If the windows are fogged up, you can rub the glass with soap, and if you have a problem with squeaking when opening the door, you can lubricate the rubber bands with soap. These tips may seem like small things, but they can help you save money and time.

The most interesting life hack that can be extremely useful is the one that allows you to drive home in case of a fuel tank breakdown. In the past, most fuel tanks were made of metal, which led to rusting and leaking. That's why our fathers and grandfathers used to use laundry soap to seal small holes and prevent leaks. When laundry soap comes into contact with gasoline, a thick consistency is formed, somewhat reminiscent of molten plastic. It allowed us to temporarily plug the small holes that appeared and get to a service station or garage for further repairs. For a while, this solved the problem, but in the future, it is still necessary to eliminate leaks.

Ordinary table salt can help fight humidity in the cabin. This seasoning was once used to rid the glass of excess moisture in winter, as well as the greenhouse effect during rain. In addition, table salt or sodium chloride can be useful if mold has appeared on the carpets or in the body joints.

Aspirin can be useful not only for humans but also for cars. This life hack was used in the old days to revive a discharged lead-acid battery by adding aspirin powder to cans with plates. The reaction of acetylsalicylic acid with sulfuric acid can provide the necessary charge to start the engine. But nowadays, there are special electric boosters for this purpose, which provide the charge more efficiently. A cocktail of aspirin and vinegar can help deal with clogging in the wiper system by de-calcifying the nozzles from plaque.

However, all of these old-fashioned methods are not recommended for modern cars, or should be used only in critical situations.

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