War in Ukraine

"Performing tasks and moving forward": attack aircraft demonstrate fighting near Bakhmut (video)

Maxim Karpenko

'Performing tasks and moving forward': attack aircraft demonstrate fighting near Bakhmut (video)

Ukrainian troops are making progress in the challenging Bakhmut sector, which is one of the most intense areas on the frontline. Specifically, the 1st and 3rd companies of the 2nd assault battalion from the 3rd brigade are actively involved in combat operations.

The Ukrainian defenders are fortifying their positions near Bakhmut. A video showcasing their activities was shared on the unit's Telegram channel.

According to the post, the enemy is deploying a machine gunner, artillery strikes, and aerial drones with payload drops against the assault aircraft.

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Ukrainian troops are successfully carrying out their assigned tasks and making progress. Despite the enemy's continuous fire, the attack aircraft are effectively maintaining their positions.

The video captures the intense situation as the Ukrainian military pushes forward. They face frequent attacks from the enemy's machine gun crew.

As a reminder, Ukrainian soldiers have successfully liberated 8 settlements from russian militants in the Zaporizhzhia and Berdiansk sectors of the frontline within two weeks.

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Hanna Malyar, reported that units of the Tavria Brigade in the Tavria sector have advanced as deep as 7 km into enemy territory. The total area reclaimed in the southern region amounts to 113 square kilometers.

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