Choose a glass jar and pay attention to the shelf life: how to choose olive oil

Maria Tsikhotska

Choose a glass jar and pay attention to the shelf life: how to choose olive oil

Olive oil is very healthy and tasty, but there are certain rules for choosing it so as not to waste money on a low-quality product. Natalia Mazuryk, a nutrition expert, shared her tips on how to choose the right oil on her Instagram.

The main rule

The main thing is to refrain from buying bottled oil - the expert conducted a study of such oil in the laboratory and found that sunflower oil is sold instead of olive oil.

Useful tips

1. Buy oil in a darkened glass bottle.

2. The more expensive the oil, the better the quality.

3. Check the labeling: a bottle of good olive oil should have a barcode of the country of origin (Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria or Israel).

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4. If the bottle has PDO and PGA indices, it means that the oil was produced in accordance with the standards of the country of origin.

What type to choose

It is best to choose Extra Virgin oil - the first cold pressing. It is the healthiest.

If the bottle says that the oil is cold-pressed, it can be stored for no more than a year.

Olive oil does not last long, so it is best to use it within 3 months. Store it at a temperature not higher than 25 and not lower than 7 degrees.

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