A 6000-year-old settlement full of ancient artifacts discovered in France (photo)

Maxim Karpenko

A 6000-year-old settlement full of ancient artifacts discovered in France (photo)

A 6000-year-old settlement full of tools and granite structures was discovered in France. The Sotti site contains two different settlements.

The first settlement is partially preserved, and the second is well preserved. This is reported by INRAP.

According to archaeologists, the first settlement, which dates back to the beginning of the fourth millennium BC, approximately 6000 years ago, contained a stone structure filled with the remains of an obsidian workshop.

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The workshop has evidence that ancient people used a variety of methods to make obsidian tools. Experts say that the site probably suffered significant erosion until a second, later settlement was built over the workshop.


The second settlement dates from the third millennium BC, approximately 4000-5000 years ago. The archaeologists discovered a system of terraces full of remnants of occupations and activities.

According to the researchers, the terraces were topped by an approximately 3-foot high or fortified wall of granite blocks. The first terrace had a stone arch below it, also made of granite blocks.


The construction technique of the arch indicates that it was used as a kind of roof. According to the archaeologists, the terraced structure also had a corridor and stairs that seem to have functioned as a passage to the upper level of the system. Several vases were found in the corridor.


According to the team, two other similar but more elaborate terrace systems were discovered at the site. It is still unclear what the purpose of these structures was, but archaeologists say they could have been used for food storage, metallurgy, or other craft activities.

Among the finds, archaeologists discovered ceramics, flint, obsidian, quartz, arrowheads, polishers, axes, wheels, and tools. Further research on each fragment is ongoing.


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