Veterinarians explain what happens to a cat if you feed it with "human food"

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Veterinarians explain what happens to a cat if you feed it with 'human food'

Cat owners can sometimes pamper their pets with food they eat themselves. It can be sausage, dairy products, cereals, potatoes, or soups. However, such a "diet" can shorten the life of an animal.

Veterinarians say that improper feeding can make cats sick and feel unwell.

It is noted that cats' digestive system has common ducts from the gallbladder and pancreas. The food then enters the duodenum, which is why there is a high probability of the occurrence of such a disease as "triads".

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"The dysfunction of one organ may lead to the dysfunction of two other organs. Cats have a relative deficiency of the enzyme glucuronosyltransferase, which is involved in the metabolism of medications," the experts explain.

It is added that the relative lack of arginine can lead to an increase in ammonia levels and, as a result, damage to the kidneys and the nervous system.

Therefore, any food that is unsuitable for digestion for cats can lead to serious illness.

Veterinarians note that it is better to feed your cat with proper food, but never with one from your own table. In addition, do not mix cat food with human food.

Cats should not be given flour products, sweets, sausages and smoked meats, as well as fatty meats, fish, dairy products, or fried food.

"Such a diet can quickly lead to the development of urolithiasis and obesity," the experts added.

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