The largest medieval treasure in the Pest district found in Hungary

Maria Tsikhotska

The largest medieval treasure in the Pest district found in Hungary

A broken pot containing thousands of silver and four gold coins was discovered during archaeological excavations in the settlement of Újhartyán. This find is considered to be the largest treasure trove of late medieval coins ever found in the Pest district.

This is reported by The history blog.

Denarius of Lucius Vera, co-ruler of the Roman Empire from the second century (161-169), were among them. Four gold forints from the time of Matthias I (1458-1490) were also found, hidden under the fabric. Even a Vatican denarius issued by Pope Pius (1458-1464) is among the finds.

According to researchers, these coins were hidden at that time. Their value was about 74 gold forints, which is equivalent to the cost of a car in modern times. The inhabitants of the area likely hid the treasure during an attack by Ottoman troops before the famous Battle of Mohacs.

"It is rare to see how deep plowing destroys treasures hidden in the ground. This time, the plow tip broke the pot of coins and pulled it in a certain direction, which could be traced by the location of the coins. The broken pot could not be saved intact, so the coins were collected on the spot," said Balázs Nagy, the head of the excavation.

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