Russian tourist was beaten by hotel staff in Turkey (video)

Maxim Karpenko

Russian tourist was beaten by hotel staff in Turkey (video)
Russian tourist was beaten by hotel staff in Turkey

In Turkey, a fight broke out at the Nox Inn Deluxe hotel in Alanya between a Russian tourist and three hotel security guards. According to the Russians, the conflict was caused by the inaction and behaviour of the staff.

The wife of the beaten man claims that bottles had been thrown at them from the hotel balcony before. The hotel reception allegedly did not respond to the Russians' comments, she told Russian media.

"They just smiled and laughed in response. And then a security guard came up to us and said with a very arrogant look: "Well, you are Russians. What do you want?" I asked him to repeat the phrase on the record so that tourists would know which hotel our tourists should not go to," she said.

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The footage shows three hotel employees pushing a Russian tourist on the street outside the hotel. His wife, meanwhile, is filming the beating and commenting on it with swearing.

In another video, the wife of the beaten Russian man goes to the reception, where she swears and demands an ambulance. According to Russian media, the Russian man's head was broken and he was taken to hospital.

In early June 2023, in Hurghada, Egypt, a shark attacked two tourists, a man and a woman, 30 metres from the shore. The woman managed to escape, but the man did not survive.

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