Vampire's grave found in 17th century cemetery in Poland: sickle blade fixed around neck

Maria Tsikhotska

Vampire's grave found in 17th century cemetery in Poland: sickle blade fixed around neck

In the past, people believed in vampires and other evil spirits. It is therefore not surprising that people who were suspected were buried so that they would not rise from their graves. Archaeologists have found the grave of a female vampire in a 17th-century cemetery in the Polish village of Piń - she was buried with a sickle over her throat.

This was reported by the Daily Mail.

During a detailed examination of the grave, archaeologists found that the woman had a high status during her lifetime, as she was buried in a silk cap. Her teeth were well preserved, with a large incisor tooth sticking out. A sickle blade was hanging over the deceased's neck, and her toe was locked in a padlock. The villagers probably thought the woman was a vampire and buried her so that she would not rise from the grave. This was stated by the team leader, Professor Dariusz Polinski from the Nicolaus Copernicus University.

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In Eastern Europe, there was a widespread fear that the dead turn into evil spirits and rise from their graves, and the belief in vampires was fanatical, resulting in people suspected of vampirism being executed. It was also believed that people who committed suicide could become evil spirits, so their bodies were mutilated after death.

Corpses believed to be vampires were cut off, burned, their bones smashed with stones, nails driven into their heads, or laid face down so that the awakened evil spirits would dig deep and not get to the surface. The sickle, which was fixed near the throat, was supposed to cut off the head of a zombie who would try to rise, and the lock on the finger symbolises the impossibility of returning from the other world.

As a reminder, archaeologists in Poland have found the skeleton of a man who lived on Earth 7,000 years ago.

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