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New "hits" in Luhansk: a former aviation school was hit (photos, video)

Bylim Olena

New 'hits' in Luhansk: a former aviation school was hit (photos, video)

On the morning of May 15, several explosions occurred in occupied Luhansk. A column of smoke rose over the city.

Local residents posted photos and videos of the aftermath of the explosions on Telegram channels. It is reported that one of the "hits" occurred on the territory of the former aviation school.

Two other explosions were reported near the bus station. In particular, a representative of the occupation authorities, Rodion Miroshnyk, wrote in his Telegram channel: "Two arrivals in the area of the bus station in Luhansk". He later added that "most likely missiles. They hit according to the same scenario" and posted a photo with a column of smoke.

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Miroshnyk then wrote that "perhaps the target of the strike was the territory of the former aviation school of navigators."


According to him, a navigators' school "arrived" in the area, "which was liquidated in the late 90s." Now there is a "recently restored building of the cadet corps," he added.


As a reminder, on May 12, explosions occurred in Luhansk at a distance of more than 100 kilometers from the front line. It was reported that the explosion occurred at the Polypak plant and near an oil depot in Luhansk.

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