Where to look for porcini mushrooms: mushroom pickers reveal the secret

Maria Tsikhotska

Where to look for porcini mushrooms: mushroom pickers reveal the secret

In Ukraine, porcini mushrooms can be found in various forest regions of the country, especially in the Western, Central and Northern regions. They like to grow under trees and in lighted places.

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Where is the best place to look for porcini mushrooms

Forest areas

Porcini mushrooms grow most actively in coniferous and mixed forests. They can be found in dense forests, as well as on the edges and under trees.

Places with moist soils

Porcini mushrooms prefer moist soils and can therefore be found along streams, riverbanks, and in moist forest areas.

Under oaks and birches:

Porcini mushrooms often grow around the base of oaks and birches, so be careful to inspect these trees when searching.

Places with good lighting

Despite their moisture-loving nature, porcini mushrooms can be found in forest areas with good light, especially after rain.

Under the trees

When walking in the forest, carefully examine the area under the trees, especially under oaks and birches. Porcini mushrooms often grow near them.

Along wet stream banks

Mushrooms prefer moist places, so consider the banks of streams and small rivers.

Under moss and fallen leaves

Look for areas where the soil is covered with moss and fallen leaves. Here, porcini mushrooms can hide from prying eyes.

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