Female figure about 7000 years old discovered in a cave in Italy (photo)

Maxim Karpenko

Female figure about 7000 years old discovered in a cave in Italy (photo)

While exploring the Battifratta Cave in Italy, archaeologists came across a rare clay female figurine. The researchers found that the artefact was created about 7000 years ago.

Battifratta Cave is a geological wonder located near Poggio Nativo in Sabina, Italy. It is reported by Ancient Origins.

Scientists suspected that this place was used for ritual purposes. The discovery of this 7000-year-old clay figurine "almost" confirms this suspicion.

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It is noted that such items are "very rare in Italy". Since the clay doll was made during the Neolithic period, when the peninsula was inhabited by the first agricultural communities, it is suspected that the artefact is related to agriculture and may have been used in fertility rituals.


Scientists are also looking for iconographic signatures to identify the specific culture that created and used the rare female figure.

Archaeologists say that the doll's facial features are only a hint, in a sketchy form. However, the researchers said that the craftsman who made the artefact took "greater care" in presenting the hairstyle and body adornments.


Recall that a ceramic vessel with strange inscriptions was discovered in Athens, which was probably used in black magic.

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