Train with oil products derails in Bryansk region: reports of an explosion

Ihor Romanko

A train carrying oil products and lumber derails in the Bryansk region of Russia

According to Russian media, a train with 60 cars loaded with oil products and lumber derailed on the Rassukha-Unecha stretch in the Bryansk region of Russia as a result of damage to the railroad track.

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According to preliminary data, the railroad had been blown up shortly before, and at the moment 7-8 cars are lying on their sides, which led to the fire. Emergency services are already working at the scene. The governor of the Bryansk region, Alexander Bogomaz, confirmed that the train derailment was caused by a railroad blast.

"An unidentified explosive device detonated in the Unecha district on the 136th km of the Bryansk-Unecha railway line, causing a freight train locomotive to derail. There were no casualties. Emergency services are currently working at the scene. Traffic on this section of the road has been suspended," he said.

Earlier, a building of a research and production complex caught fire in Aramila, Russia.

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