Withered hydrangeas will "come back to life" thanks to three simple steps: tips from gardeners

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Withered hydrangeas will 'come back to life' thanks to three simple steps: tips from gardeners

Gardeners should pay attention to hydrangeas that seem to be wilting. This is most likely due to growing conditions.

Three simple steps will help to "revive" the bush by regulating the way hydrangeas are cared for. This is reported by Express.co.uk.

Water the hydrangeas

Watering is vital for hydrangeas as they need the perfect balance of sun and the right amount of water. The latter can vary depending on the type of soil and the species being grown. If the flowers wilt, give them a good soak in the early morning or late evening to avoid the midday heat.

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Don't forget the mulch

Mulch retains moisture, ensuring that hydrangeas stay hydrated longer. However, stay away from the stem to avoid rot.

Mulching around hydrangeas will also promote the development of deep roots and add winter hardiness. Decorative mulches are useful, but gardeners usually recommend straw, bog hay, or fallen leaves.

Fertilize, but don't overdo it

If gardeners over-fertilize hydrangea, they risk burning the root system, which can lead to all sorts of problems. This includes limiting flowering. Choose a slow-release, balanced fertilizer and follow package directions.

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