Ukrainians explained how pensions will change on May 1

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Ukrainians explained how pensions will change on May 1

Ukraine conducted a large-scale pension recalculation in March and April. In particular, payments were increased for pensioners who continue to work and have earned seniority.

However, the increased pensions will be paid retroactively in June. Citizens will receive additional payments for April and May simultaneously.

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In total, pension payments have been increased for about 600,000 pensioners who continue to work. The amount of the increase depends on the amount of the payment and the length of service.

In May, Ukraine does not plan to increase pension payments for certain categories of citizens. Pensioners will receive their cash payments in June, but they will not lose their allowances for the previous two months.

Earlier, the Government decided to pay pensions to Ukrainians even if they have no length of service. This will affect some categories of pensioners.

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