War in Ukraine

Ukrainian stormtroopers seize occupants' positions near Bakhmut (video from GoPro)

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Ukrainian stormtroopers seize occupants' positions near Bakhmut (video from GoPro)

The Ukrainian military continues to destroy the occupiers and return our land in various parts of the frontline. In particular, fierce fighting is taking place in the Bakhmut sector.

The third assault brigade entered the Russian positions near Bakhmut. This was reported by the brigade's press center on Telegram.

"We are firing at the occupiers! The attack aircraft are entering the enemy's positions and occupying enemy trenches for further combat. The enemy is also shooting back, so they need to react quickly. All the tension of the battle is in the GoPro video of a soldier from the 2nd company of the 2nd assault battalion," the statement reads.

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In the video, you can see how attack aircraft enter the positions and clear the trenches of the enemy. It also shows footage of the Ukrainian military firing and the Russians attempting to return fire.

The exact time and place of the clearing of the position is not specified for security reasons. The video contains foul language.

According to DeepStateMap, Ukrainian troops are liberating the territories on the flanks in the Bakhmut direction. Official sources report fierce fighting.

As a reminder, Zaluzhny showed how soldiers from the 128th Brigade liberated Pyatikhatky from the enemy.

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