Scientists have answered how many hours a day you need to sleep to slow down aging

Maria Tsikhotska

Scientists have answered how many hours a day you need to sleep to slow down aging

Everyone knows how important quality sleep is. It affects our well-being and has a positive effect on the body in general. But have you ever wondered how many hours of sleep per day you need to stay young? Aging is accompanied by various chronic diseases and health problems.

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According to psychiatry professor Chris Fox, the optimal duration of a night's sleep is eight hours. He emphasizes that it is important not to shorten sleep time, as every minute counts. The modern rhythm of life often makes it difficult to ensure such a long sleep, but it is necessary to maintain the body's activity.

Chris Fox also points out that a good night's sleep can prevent many diseases, including Parkinson's disease. During sleep, the body recovers, and when there is not enough sleep, the brain may not work at full capacity.

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A full eight hours of sleep also helps to maintain an attractive appearance. During sleep, the body eliminates toxins, which is important for the skin. If the body doesn't get rid of toxins, rashes, wrinkles, and inflammation can occur.

For quality sleep, it is important to create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. Think about what helps you fall asleep easier. It can be calm music, a book, or your favorite pajamas. It's important that the bedroom is dark, because only in complete darkness can the brain properly adjust to sleep and get rid of insomnia.

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