Scientists have answered which asteroids can destroy the Earth and when it can happen

Ihor Romanko

Scientists answer when asteroids can destroy the Earth

Astronomers are warning of the particular danger posed by asteroids as wide as 1 km for our planet. Recent studies indicate that over the next 1000 years, at least 28 such asteroids could come very close to Earth, even closer than the Moon.

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According to ScienceAlert, the authors of the new study decided to estimate the probability of asteroids 1 km wide or more colliding with the Earth in the next 1000 years. They modeled the trajectories of these potentially dangerous space objects.

Among all known large hazardous asteroids, 28 objects were identified that have the potential to collide with our planet in the future. According to the modeling results, these asteroids will fly closest to the Earth, being closer than the Moon.

Despite this, the researchers say that no large asteroid will collide with our planet in the next 1000 years. Although the gravitational influence of the Sun, other planets, and unpredictable space conditions can change the trajectory of these objects, the chance of a collision with the Earth is considered negligible, according to astronomers.

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