Scientists investigate which plants help cleanse the air of toxic substances

Ihor Romanko

What plants cleanse the air of toxic substances

A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in Australia found that a vertical wall system with indoor plants can be an effective way to clean the air from harmful compounds. The study showed that these plants can reduce the level of some harmful substances by 20% during the working day.

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The researchers conducted the study using a collection of indoor plants that mimics the vertical wall system commonly used in offices, hospitals and other spaces. The results showed that during the working day, the plants reduced the level of some harmful compounds by 20% of the initial concentration. These results confirm previous studies that show the ability of indoor plants to absorb volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The study used common houseplants such as golden epipremnum, syngonium nigrum and chlorophytum. Scientists found that the plants not only remove many pollutants from the air within hours, but are particularly effective at removing harmful pollutants associated with petrol.

In the study, the researchers evaporated small amounts of petrol inside specially designed chambers containing boxes with or without plants. The results showed a slight decrease in the level of gases in the chambers, which is important, but does not completely prevent leakage. However, the scientists believe that in 8 hours, the vertical gardens removed about 43% of volatile organic compounds, as well as virtually all three major harmful chemical classes, such as alkanes, benzene derivatives and cyclopentanes.

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It is important to note that these pollutants can have "significant health effects" and affect indoor air quality. Scientists believe that more research is needed, but vertical gardens can be effective in cleaning the air.

It is worth noting that this applies to systems with vertical walls, not just placing indoor plants on a windowsill, as vertical gardens are connected to ventilation systems that play an important role in the air purification process.

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