Plank stand for more than 10 seconds is pointless: experts explain

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Plank stand for more than 10 seconds is pointless: experts explain
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The plank stand is a stationary physical exercise aimed at strengthening the main muscle groups. It is customary to perform this exercise several times a day. Usually, athletes perform straight and side planks for up to 4 minutes.

However, experts said that standing in the plank for more than 10 seconds is pointless, businessinsider.nl writes, citing a statement by Stuart McGill, a professor at the University of Waterloo in Canada.

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According to him, the optimal result can be achieved in ten seconds. And an experienced athlete, McGill recommends 4 sets of ten seconds, claiming that his conclusions are based on years of research.

Dr. Stuart McGill noted that it is worth focusing on holding the position for shorter intervals and more repetitions. He says that for a healthy back, you should practice the "big three order" every day - that is, hold the position for just 10 seconds in three different ways. It should be a classic plank and two side planks.

He believes that holding the plank for too long can be a waste of time.

"There is no benefit from this kind of activity except for getting a record," the expert said.

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