Stylists suggested what to combine sneakers with in autumn looks

Maria Tsikhotska

Stylists suggested what to combine sneakers with in autumn looks

Since summer, sneakers have not lost their relevance and continue to be in the spotlight of fashion trends. This shoe has become a true classic that can be easily combined with different types of clothing, including skirts, dresses, jeans, pants, and outerwear. So, let's take a look at simple and stylish fall looks with sneakers that can be easily repeated.

Classic sneakers and a coat

Since fall is the time for outerwear, it's ideal to combine classic sneakers with different types of coats. This fashion trend has been at its peak for several years and does not lose its relevance. Sneakers go well with any long coat.

Colored sneakers and checkered jacket

The trendy checkered print is making a comeback this fall. So, you can choose a checkered jacket and combine it with a variety of accessories and bright colored sneakers to add some flair to your everyday look.

Total denim and sneakers

September 2023 marked the return of total denim. You can wear denim outerwear, jeans, and a denim shirt, and then combine it all with white or black sneakers.

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White shirt and sneakers

Don't forget about the classic white shirt, which will add elegance to any look. When it gets cold, you can wear a trench coat, coat or bomber jacket over your shirt. Combined with sneakers, your style will be impeccable.

Denim jumpsuit and sneakers

Street casual style is not complete without a denim jumpsuit. This garment looks great in an autumn look, especially if you complement it with a baseball cap, pullover and sneakers.

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