Become the best version of yourself: 10 reasons to get a dog

Ihor Romanko

Why you should get a dog

An online survey was recently conducted among more than 1,000 Americans to find out how meaningful dogs are in their lives. The results showed that dog owners have learned to be more patient, selfless and loving. Having a dog can significantly improve the quality of a person's life.

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  1. Developing patience. Dogs can help us become the best version of ourselves. Training a dog requires our patience, consistency, and ability to distinguish between right and wrong. They can't read our minds, so we have to teach them the right behaviour and commands. Training a dog requires our constant attention and patience. This process helps us develop patience and self-discipline;
  2. Morning moods. Many people have trouble getting up in the morning. However, according to a survey, 71% of dog owners experience an increased level of happiness when they wake up next to their pets. They have no desire to hit the snooze button because they want to get up and start their day with their dogs;
  3. Having a dog really does break down most of our barriers. Over 43% of people said they have allowed their dog to follow them into the bathroom. If you watch them go every day, it will only be right for them to invade your privacy as well. It's all about love, and love has no boundaries;
  4. Some of us share a bed with our dogs. More than a third of owners said they would take care of their pup to ensure they get a great night's sleep, even if it means they sleep on the edge of the bed. We put up with snoring and lack of bed space, with more than half of those surveyed saying they would not tolerate another person;
  5. 97% of respondents said they would do anything to make their dog happy. 93% said they couldn't wait to come home after a long day to see them, so it would be nice not to go home without a new toy or favourite treat. Being generous is a great quality when it's directed at the right person, and right now it might just be your dog;
  6. Dog owners know how important it is that they like whoever you are thinking of letting into their little pack. If you learn to allow yourself to break down your walls and be more affectionate through your pet, it can really benefit your entire current and future relationship;
  7. We know how to work through our emotions and talk about them. At one point or another, we've been through some pretty serious breakups, lost a family member, had a fight with our best person. Human support systems are great, but there is only a certain level of comfort and affection you get from your dog. 85% of dog owners said their dogs have helped them through some pretty tough times. Almost as many consider their dog to be their best friend;
  8. We'll give up wine and binge-watching shows on Netflix. Can you believe that 90% of dog owners would literally give up anything for an entire month if they knew it would make their dog happier? That includes drinking and watching their favourite TV shows. It's a lot of dedication and commitment. The ability to instantly give up habits for the sake of those you love is something to be proud of.

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