You will become poor: Where not to keep your money

Ihor Romanko

Where not to keep money in order not to get poor

Many people dream of material enrichment and look for ways to achieve this goal. Some of them work hard, others rely on their talent. However, we should also take into account folk wisdom, as our ancestors knew how to avoid money "running away" from home.

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According to legend, not only large bills, but even coins should not be stored in certain places. Here are some of these places:

  1. Glass jars: This habit can be detrimental to the family budget. In such containers, money will be crumpled and messy, but money requires order. Chaotic storage can lead to negative energy. In addition, glass does not allow air to get to the banknotes, which can stop the flow of money and lead to financial stagnation.
  2. Near the door: Our ancestors claimed that keeping money near the front door is not a good idea. In such a place, money constantly flows out of the house and attracts negative energy to family members. Money doesn't like passageways where it's in plain sight.
  3. Next to the bed or under the mattress: Such storage can lead to a lack of money, as banknotes will "rest" instead of "work" for the benefit of the owners. It is better to keep savings as far away from the bedroom as possible so as not to stop the cash flow.
  4. In a book: This is not the best place to keep money, but if you still want to hide banknotes there, you should choose a positive book. For example, a book with a positive story about kings, wealth, or success. Some beliefs say that keeping money in dramatic books can cause financial losses.
  5. It's not true: You shouldn't keep money rolled up in a tube or tied with a rubber band because it needs space.
  6. Near windows: A constant draft can "blow out" the positive energy associated with money, so it can cause financial problems in the family.
  7. In plastic containers: Plastic is considered a material that attracts poverty, so using it to store money can lead to pennilessness. If you want to ensure a continuous flow of money, it is better to keep your bills in a high-quality money box.
  8. Under the tablecloth on the table: According to popular wisdom, the table is not the best place to keep money. Even our ancestors tried to avoid placing banknotes on the tabletop to avoid attracting trouble.

We would like to remind you that prohibitions and superstitions in Ukraine have played a significant role in shaping the country's cultural identity. Therefore, UAportal tells about the most common superstitions and prohibitions that exist in Ukrainian everyday life and family life.

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