Anti-trend: what colors you shouldn't wear this season

Maria Tsikhotska

Anti-trend: what colors you shouldn't wear this season

In summer, the color scheme changes to lighter and brighter colors. But not all colors will be in trend this season.


This color, especially its bright shades, will be irrelevant this summer. If it's your favorite, give preference to calmer versions of pink.


Last year's super popular color has moved down from the fashion pedestal. Therefore, it is better to avoid it this summer.


This year it is no longer relevant. It's better to pay attention to calmer shades of this color or give it up altogether.

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Bright and fresh, this color has also lost its relevance. Give preference to the sky color.


Leave this color for the winter period. This summer, white and all shades of light, as well as the brown palette, are in trend.

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