Make a list and buy at a discount: how to save on groceries

Maria Tsikhotska

Make a list and buy at a discount: how to save on groceries

Unfortunately, our salaries do not always keep pace with rising prices. The lion's share of the budget goes to groceries. UaPortal will tell you how to save money on groceries without compromising the quality of food.

Make a list before going to the store

This way, you won't forget anything and won't buy too much. Put the required amount of the products you need on the list.

Buy at a discount

Many people neglect discounted products, fearing that they are of poorer quality. But a discount doesn't always mean that the product is of poor quality, so don't ignore them.

Keep receipts

Receipts can help you see exactly how much you spent on groceries in a month. In the same way, you can calculate the cost of medicines, clothes, and other goods. Nowadays, there are many mobile apps that can help you with family budgeting.

Buy in bulk

Some categories of products, such as vegetables, fruits, canned food, and cereals, can be bought in bulk, which is much cheaper. Write down a purchase plan with the volumes of the products you need.

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Cook your own meals

Delivery and restaurants are too expensive, so it's cheaper to cook at home. This way, you will spend once and cook a lot.

Buy kitchen appliances

Good cooking equipment will save you time and money, as you can cook for several days at a time.

Buy seasonal local products

Buy fruits and vegetables in season: this way you won't be at risk of pesticide poisoning and won't have to overpay.

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