Soften skin and smooth wrinkles: top 9 beauty secrets from around the world

Maria Tsikhotska

Soften skin and smooth wrinkles: top 9 beauty secrets from around the world

Every country has traditional beauty recipes that are passed down from generation to generation. For example, Indian women can boast of luxurious hair thanks to local care methods, while Chinese women are famous for their porcelain skin. Enrich your beauty arsenal with care secrets from around the world that can be easily used at home.

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Egyptian milk baths have been known since the time of Queen Cleopatra. She used them to rejuvenate and moisturise her skin. Milk contains acids that effectively exfoliate the skin and help smooth out wrinkles. Add a little honey to the milk and you will get an effective skin tonic. To feel like Cleopatra, just add 1-2 litres of milk and 1 teaspoon of honey to your bath or use cosmetics containing lactic acids.


Israeli mud wraps based on the Dead Sea are known to have healing and rejuvenating properties. Mineral salts from the Dead Sea help relieve muscle tension and calm the nervous system. You can use sea salt and mud at home for baths or buy Israeli cosmetics that use these beneficial ingredients.


Brazilian women use beach sand for anti-cellulite massage. This massage improves blood circulation, helping to fight cellulite. In summer, you can collect wet sand on the beach and massage your body with it, and in winter, you can use ground coffee or sea salt.


Chinese women use rice for skin care. Rice removes toxins from the skin and nourishes it. To make rice water, soak rice in water, strain it and use it to cleanse your face.


Indian beauties use coconut oil for hair care. It helps to avoid split ends and gives hair shine. Coconut oil can be purchased at a pharmacy or cosmetic store.

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Bulgaria is famous for its rose oil, which has beneficial properties for the skin. You can use it for facial care and make your own rose water.


Swedish women use hot towels to cleanse and exfoliate dead skin. This procedure makes the skin look young and fresh.


African women use rooibos to cleanse their skin. Zambuc, a viscous green ointment based on plants, helps relieve itching from mosquito bites and moisturises the skin.

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