How long to cook pasta so that it always turns out al dente: a simple tip from the chef

Ihor Romanko

How long to cook pasta so that it always turns out al dente: a simple tip from the chef

Pasta al dente is a culinary term that comes from the Italian language and means "to the teeth". This method of cooking pasta is becoming more and more popular because it retains the shape of the pasta and preserves more of the lively flavors and textures. Here are some tips on how to cook pasta al dente.

According to a post on the Ukrainian culinary website GastroLoft, French chef Simon Zanoni recommends shortening the time for boiling pasta, which is indicated in the instructions.

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Choose the right pasta. Pay attention to the shape and size of the pasta. For example, for a thick sauce, it is better to take pasta with holes in it, which will help keep the sauce inside. If the sauce is light, you can use larger pasta. It is also important to choose high-quality pasta.

Measure the amount of pasta correctly. As a rule, 100-120 grams of pasta are used per serving. Measure the pasta before cooking to avoid overcooking.

Use enough water. Use at least one liter of water for each serving of pasta. The water should be well-salted to give the pasta extra flavor.

According to an expert from the Le George restaurant, if the package says to cook pasta for eight or nine minutes, you can cook it for 2-3 minutes less. The chef also recommends drying the pasta before adding the sauce, thus ensuring that the sauce is slightly liquid.

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