Do this before going by car to save on fuel: a useful life hack

Ihor Romanko

How to save on gasoline
How to save on gasoline

Owners of gasoline and diesel cars have been given useful advice on how to reduce fuel consumption, which can help save money on fuel.

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This advice was published by the British newspaper Express. The advice concerns the weight of the car and has a significant impact on fuel consumption. Experts say that car owners can easily reduce fuel consumption by following this simple tip.

The idea is that a car will consume more fuel if it is overloaded. Excess weight causes additional drag while driving, which increases gasoline or diesel consumption.

Many drivers often carry extra items in their cars that can be stored in the trunk, back seat, or legroom.

Louise Thomas, a British motoring expert, emphasizes: "Overloading your car can increase fuel consumption and affect your visibility while driving, as well as the stopping distance of your car."

So, to reduce fuel consumption, it's important to regularly check your car for excess cargo and free the trunk and interior from unnecessary items that can increase the weight of the car and create additional drag while driving.

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