World's oldest 476,000-year-old wooden structure discovered in Zambia (photo)

Bylim Olena

World's oldest 476,000-year-old wooden structure discovered in Zambia (photo)

Archaeologists have found evidence of early human creativity in Zambia, where the world's oldest 476,000-year-old wooden structure has been discovered. Scientists say that this discovery could change the understanding of ancient human evolution.

As reported by Nature, archaeologists discovered the wooden remains near the Kalambo River in Zambia, approximately near the Kalambo Falls.

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The researchers describe the findings as "two connected logs with a deliberately created notch". This structure, revealed by the research, suggests that it was a structure, possibly a walkway or raised platform, created to overcome periodic flooding in the area.

The importance of this discovery lies in its antiquity and the extremely rare preservation of the wood, as wood usually decomposes and disappears over time. However, the high water level in Kalambo Falls has kept these remains from decomposing.

World's oldest 476,000-year-old wooden structure discovered in Zambia (photo)

Scientists used a new method known as luminescence dating to determine the age of the wooden remains. This method indicates that the structure is approximately 476,000 years old, which is significantly older than previous estimates. This happened long before our species (Homo sapiens) emerged, indicating that this structure belonged to another species of humans.

Kalambo Falls is the second-largest uninterrupted waterfall on the African continent, and it is located on the border of Zambia and Tanzania. The findings also include a collection of wooden tools, indicating that early humans were already using wood for limited purposes such as fire-making and hunting.

This discovery challenges the stereotype of the nomadic lifestyle of Stone Age people, as the Kalambo Falls provided them with constant access. In addition, the forests in the surrounding region provided them with wood for building structures.

This discovery is part of the Deep Roots of Humanity project, an interdisciplinary international group of researchers studying the development of early human technology in the Stone Age.

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