You will attract bad luck and illness: Why you shouldn't wash your clothes before bed

Ihor Romanko

Why you shouldn't do laundry at night

Often, when we are busy with work, we don't have enough time to wash our clothes during the day, so many people do it in the evening. However, there is a sign that says you shouldn't wash your clothes before going to bed, as this can attract negative energy to your home.

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It is believed that the moment when day turns into night has its own specific energy.

According to some beliefs, night is the time when negative forces appear. Therefore, it is important to avoid drying laundry at night, both outdoors and indoors. According to these beliefs, things can attract evil spirits or negative energy.

It is also believed that clothes left overnight can "suck up" negative nighttime energy and subsequently cause headaches for the person wearing them.

In addition, our ancestors also openly distrusted the moonlight. It was believed that clothes dried under this light could attract bad luck and illness.

It is best to wash clothes before dinner. Clothes washed at this time can protect you from negative influences. It is also better to avoid washing on holidays to avoid attracting unwanted events.

In addition, Wednesday is considered the most auspicious day for washing. According to beliefs, Monday is an unlucky day to do laundry, as it can lead to the fact that you will be drying your laundry all week. Tuesday is also not recommended, as doing laundry on this day can bring bad luck to your family. Friday is considered a neutral day for washing and has no negative consequences.

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