Border guards use mortars to cover occupants in a hideout near Bakhmut (video)

Maxim Karpenko

Border guards use mortars to cover occupants in a hideout near Bakhmut (video)
Border guards use mortars to hit occupants in a hideout near Bakhmut

Ukrainian border guards continue to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroy enemies at the front. In particular, the fighting is taking place in one of the hottest spots of the frontline - the Bakhmut sector.

Border guards managed to cover the Russian hideout near Bakhmut with fire. This was reported on the State Border Guard Service's Telegram channel.

It is noted that due to the fire of Ukrainian artillery, the occupiers were unable to leave their dubious hideout.

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"Not really necessary: the amazing tandem of the SBGS aerial reconnaissance and border guard mortar teams will always help!" the statement said.

According to the border guards, about five occupants were injured and the building was damaged.

In the video, you can see how aerial reconnaissance aircraft spotted the occupiers' movements. The following footage shows a shell hitting the building from which the Russians made a shelter.

On the afternoon of 28 June, an explosion occurred in the city of Taganrog in Rostov Oblast. The Russian Ministry of Defence said that an anti-aircraft missile of the S-200 air defence system converted into a strike version "hit" the city.

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