Why unmarried people should not sit on the corner of the table: superstitions and folk signs

Ihor Romanko

Why unmarried people should not sit on the corner of the table

This issue of beliefs is quite controversial, as different regions of the world may have different traditions and customs related to the table and corners. For example, some people believe that sitting on the corner of the table will speed up a marriage. Such a saying as "Sit on the corner to make everyone love you" is considered proof of this belief, which Anna Nikolaeva points out.

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"There are three stages of our life - birth, marriage, and death. These are three transitional periods. Birth is when we come from the other world to this world, marriage is when we leave our home for another, and death is when we leave this world for the other world. These are three stages when portals between worlds seem to open. When we are still in transition between periods, we are less protected. And the corner is a boundary, so it was treated with caution," explains ethnologist Anna Nikolaieva.

In traditional folk culture, the table had an important symbolic meaning. It symbolized promotion and had a connection with graves. For example, during the commemoration of the dead that takes place after Easter, some people go to the graves, put towels on them, and eat there.

Certain ideas about the table have been preserved in the popular consciousness of Ukrainians. On a subconscious level, people feel that you shouldn't sit on the table, put keys or money on it, or leave a knife overnight. This is due to the idea that the table should rest.

In traditional culture, the stove and the table are two important elements that are associated with life-changing events. In addition, the corners of the table have their own symbolic meaning. People are supposed to sit on the sides, and sitting on the corner is perceived as a bad position. This idea comes from the fact that the corner can "push" a person out of the family. Therefore, for traditional culture, sitting in the corner is an extremely undesirable scenario and can be perceived as a punishment for disrespecting the table.

Thus, Ukrainian folk culture has its own traditions and ideas about the table and its elements that have been preserved over the centuries.

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