Why you shouldn't sleep with a wet head: a doctor's warning

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Why you shouldn't sleep with a wet head: a doctor's warning

Hair loss can be caused by various reasons, both internal and external. The most common cause of hair loss is a genetic predisposition. This type of hair loss is called androgenetic alopecia and is usually observed in men over 25 years.

Hair loss can also be caused by hormonal disorders or nutritional deficiencies.

However, there are also "external" causes. These include stress, bad habits, and improper hair care.

Hair care experts have named the most common mistake of those who have hair loss and brittle hair. It is noted that the habit of sleeping with a freshly washed head can lead to such processes.

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As trichologist Dominic Burg explains, when your hair is fresh after a shower, it naturally becomes more porous and delicate as it retains moisture. Putting your head on the pillow right away means exposing your hair to negative effects.

"The habit of going to bed with wet or tightly tied hair can put additional pressure on the hair strands due to tangling or pulling, and this can lead to breakage," he said.

The expert noted that sleeping with wet hair can put even the strongest strands at risk of falling out, especially if you already have hair loss problems due to a genetic predisposition or a diet lacking in important nutrients. Thus, this mistake can make things worse.

"If you are suffering from hair loss due to diet, genetics, stress, or illness, increased proportions of your follicles may be dormant and more easily dislodged from the scalp," the expert explained.

He advises waiting for your hair to dry after shampooing and then going to bed.

Dr. Burg also noted that you should not go to bed with tight braids or a ponytail. It is better to either let your hair down or braid it. He also advises using special silk sleeping caps so that your hair doesn't get damaged at night when it rubs against the pillow.

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