Why you shouldn't leave stones in your tire tread: tips for drivers

Ihor Romanko

How stones and gravel in the tread of car tires can harm
How stones and gravel in the tread of car tires can harm

Preparing your car for the spring season involves many details, one of which is checking for stones that may be stuck in the tread of your tires. This is a fairly common problem that even experienced drivers face. However, it is worth noting that the presence of stones can have an impact on the car's tires.

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There is no official evidence that a stone in the tread can shorten the life of the tire or cause major damage to the wheels. Nor does it have any serious consequences for the driving performance of the car. The only disadvantage may be the noise that appears when the car is driving on asphalt.

However, if you try to remove the stone with a screwdriver or other tool, you could damage the tires. More serious consequences can occur with the balancing if the stone is very deeply embedded. Therefore, before performing this operation, the tire technician should carefully check the tread of the tires and remove any large stones that may affect the quality of the balancing.

When it comes to small gravel, there is no need to remove it. It will not affect the ride quality, so it is better not to take any risks and not touch it.

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