Why you shouldn't carry a lot of keychains with your car keys and more

Ihor Romanko

Why you shouldn't hang many key chains on your car keys
Why you shouldn't hang many key chains on your car keys

For many people, car keys are not only a means of controlling a car, but also a kind of palette for expressing themselves. Some people decorate them for aesthetics, while others do it to make the key bunch heavier and more visible. Nevertheless, this habit can have a negative impact on your car if you use it.

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According to Sante Plusmag, some drivers don't limit themselves to just one key fob, but use many other items for this purpose, including apartment keys and other things. However, this can lead to negative consequences for your car.

The additional weight created by key fobs and other suspensions can damage the contact elements of the car ignition. This is the element that accepts the car key.

If you're a big fan of keychain bling, keep in mind that the extra weight can damage the fragile internal components of the car's ignition. The internal ignition components are very sensitive and are not designed to withstand excessive weight.

Such additional loads can cause damage to your vehicle's ignition. This can result in loosening of the ignition switch, which in turn can cause malfunctions and starter problems.

Experienced drivers also note that the key in the ignition should not be burdened with excess weight and should not have various ribbons and ropes that can get caught on something while driving and disrupt the lock.

So, if you want to make your car more visible or express your style, you should consider other ways rather than loading your keys with unnecessary items that can lead to negative consequences for your vehicle.

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