Dangerous for both: why you shouldn't put your phone near a switched-on laptop

Diana Bondarenko

Dangerous for both: why you shouldn't put your phone near a switched-on laptop
Do not leave your mobile phone near your laptop

Have you ever left your mobile phone near a switched-on laptop? If the answer is yes, we recommend that you stop doing this.

This habit can be dangerous for both gadgets, and there are several reasons for this.

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1. There is interference before an incoming call.

This happens because a mobile phone is a transceiver, which in turn interacts with base stations. In particular, the phone monitors the station signal and occasionally emits a strong signal from the station. A laptop has antennas, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but their power is lower.

As a result, electrical fluctuations in the signals are detected when the smartphone is lying next to the switched-on laptop. Therefore, interference may occur a few seconds before an incoming call.

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2. Losing charge faster.

Keep your mobile phone away from your laptop at least one metre. Otherwise, the gadget may discharge faster.

3. Incorrect operation of the laptop.

Not only can a laptop harm a mobile phone, but also vice versa. The phone has an additional electromagnetic effect on the laptop, resulting in more energy absorption, which can lead to interference and incorrect functioning of the device.

As a reminder, one of the most common problems among users is the consumption of a large amount of battery power. However, we have collected tips for you to help you increase the battery life of your phone.

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