Occupant "set an Olympic record" in high jumping: soldiers of the 128th Brigade helped him (video)

Bylim Olena

Occupant 'set an Olympic record' in high jumping: soldiers of the 128th Brigade helped him (video)
A Russian soldier took off after an explosion. Source: Screenshot from the video

Soldiers of the 128th separate territorial defense brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine spotted the location of the Russian occupiers in one of the frontline areas and attacked them from drones. The aerial bombers dropped an anti-tank mine on the occupiers.

As recorded by the camera of one of the reconnaissance drones, after the detonation, the occupiers flew in different directions.

"Have you seen how the Russian occupiers are flying to Kobzon's concert in hell? Our film crew filmed this phenomenon! The fighters of the UAV unit of the 128th Brigade of the TRO of the Armed Forces of Ukraine recorded the location of the enemy and delivered an anti-tank mine as a countermeasure. One of the occupants flew a few dozen meters for joy and only then began to listen to the duet of Kobzon and Zhirinovsky," the soldiers commented on the video.

Captain Dmytro Pletenchuk, spokesman for the Ukrainian Navy, also commented on the video of the 128th Brigade.

"Another bid for victory in the Olympic sport of ski jumping was made by the Russian military before they even got to Paris. Are there any experts here? Does anyone know how many meters? Maybe physicists are here? Problem conditions: one hundred kilograms of shit, 7 kg of explosives. The question is the same: how high was it thrown?" he joked.

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