It will need repair: why a car should not be washed in the open sun

Diana Bondarenko

It will need repair: why a car should not be washed in the open sun
Do not wash the car in the heat of the sun

Summer is a time when many drivers decide to move their car washing outdoors. But washing in hot conditions and in direct sunlight can lead to undesirable consequences.

Pixelinform reported that one of the main risks is the impact of sunlight on the car's paintwork.

In particular, when washing, water droplets remain on the surface of the car, and due to sunlight, they can create a "dandruff" effect. Thus, the sun's rays increase their effect on the car's paint and varnish, which can lead to damage. In this way, it can negatively affect the coating and lead to serious problems that will require car repairs.

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Therefore, you should avoid washing your car in the open sun and heat. If you need to wash your car on a hot day, you should choose car washes with sheds or rooms where the car will be protected from direct sunlight. Contactless car wash stations are especially suitable, as they are usually equipped with awnings to protect the car from the sun.

We would like to add that when washing your car, you should choose the best time and place to do so to avoid the negative impact of sunlight on the appearance and condition of the car.

Earlier, we told you that summer heat is dangerous, especially for cars. After all, if you leave certain things in the car, they can cause a fire, explosion or other problems.

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