New species of gecko with psychedelic eyes found in Australia, what it looks like (photo)

Bylim Olena

New species of gecko with psychedelic eyes found in Australia, what it looks like (photo)

A new species of gecko with unusual psychedelic eyes has been discovered in Australia. They were identified as a new species after genetic analysis.

The new species, called the small spiny-tailed gecko (Strophurus spinula), is about 6.1 centimetres long and covered with a spotted pattern of white and grey scales. The gecko's eyes mimic the same pattern.

According to Live Science, the new species of gecko was found in forested areas in the south of Western Australia. Researchers cannot yet say how large the population of Strophurus spinula is.

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In the study, published in the journal Records of the Western Australian Museum, the researchers described the genetic analysis of the genus and stated that it was still a new, previously unidentified species.

"Closer examination of S. spinula showed that the new species can be physically distinguished from S. assimilis and other spiny-tailed geckos by its unusually straight and unevenly spaced spines along the body and enlarged spines on the tail," the researchers wrote in the article.

It is noted that, like all other spiny-tailed geckos, S. spinula can secrete a harmless and foul-smelling chemical from glands near its tail to deter birds of prey.

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