Three most vengeful zodiac signs named: they do not forgive insults

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Three most vengeful zodiac signs named: they do not forgive insults

The desire for revenge sometimes pushes people to do dastardly things that they will later regret. According to astrologers, the three natives of the zodiac circle who do not forget anything and can cause trouble in a fit of anger are the most sensitive to insults.

Thus, Scorpios, Aquarius, and Taurus are considered the most vengeful. They keep negative feelings inside and wait for the right moment to hit the offender as hard as possible.


Natives of this sign are considered to be among the most jealous and vindictive. Scorpios usually suspect that everyone around them wants to deceive them, and they wind themselves up for no reason at all. They are hostile to the world, which attracts negativity into their lives. Natives of this sign can "attack first" in order not to suffer from the actions of someone they consider an enemy. They take revenge on those they consider to be their enemies.


Aquarians are people who usually don't show their feelings. It seems to many that the natives of this sign are not very concerned about the mistakes they make and the opinions of others. However, Aquarians understand exactly what is being said behind their backs and know all their enemies by sight. They hide their emotions behind a mask of coolness, but they will not miss a good moment to take revenge on the offender.


Taurus are very good at planning their revenge, they can come up with complex "schemes" so that they are not suspected of meanness. The natives of this sign are not in a hurry to take revenge on the offender right away, they are ready to wait to be sure of the result. At the same time, Taurus can take revenge with equal aggression on both competitors at work and close relatives. They will not regret their bad deeds.

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