Trendy hair colour for summer 2023 has been named

Maria Tsikhotska

Trendy hair colour for summer 2023 has been named

Stylists have announced the hair shade of summer - 2023: a colour called "expensive honey". It refreshes the face and makes the hair visually thicker.

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The trendy colouring consists of several tones of blonde, which combine to create a warm and luscious shade. The roots are slightly darker, which makes the hair visually thicker and the colour deeper. The honey shade makes the face look fresher and more radiant.

This colour looks very nice with tanned skin. If you are snow white, use bronzer.

The advantage of this colouring is that it suits all colour types. You just need to choose your shade. It will especially emphasise the beauty of girls with natural ash, straw and blond hair, peach or dark skin and light brown, blue or green eyes.

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