3 main mistakes when charging a smartphone that "kill" the battery every day revealed

Ihor Romanko

How not to charge a smartphone

The battery is one of the main components of your smartphone, so it's important to be especially careful and attentive to it. Unfortunately, many users don't realize that their actions can shorten their lifespan.

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In this article, we'll look at the 3 most common mistakes people make when charging their smartphones and how to avoid them. Making changes to your habits can help not only extend battery life and speed up smartphone charging but also protect your device from possible damage.

It is not recommended to charge the smartphone with a non-original charger

This can lead to battery damage and other problems. Non-original chargers may not provide the right voltage and current for charging, which can lead to overheating, poor charging, or even fire. In addition, using a non-original charger may void your warranty and make it impossible to repair or replace the battery in the event of a malfunction caused by a substandard charger.

For safe and reliable charging, we recommend that you use only "native" chargers recommended by the phone manufacturer. This will help to avoid possible problems and maintain the functionality of the phone for a long time.

Do not leave your smartphone on charge overnight

This can lead to a decrease in battery performance and overall battery life. Even if many modern gadgets automatically stop charging when they reach 100% charge, over time the battery charge can drop to 99% and charging will start again.

If you still want to leave your smartphone on charge overnight, it is recommended that you install special programs that will automatically stop charging when a certain battery level is reached. Such programs will help to preserve battery performance.

Don't charge your smartphone to 100% and discharge to 0%

It is recommended that you avoid fully charging and discharging your smartphone to the end. Modern lithium-ion batteries used in most smartphones have limitations on the number of charge/discharge cycles and charge retention time, so heavy use can shorten battery life.

It's best to charge your phone when it reaches 20-30% of its charge and turn off charging when it reaches 80-90% of its charge. This can help extend battery life.

There is also an alternative "50-70" charging tactic, which is to not let the battery charge drop below 50% and not charge it more than 70%. This approach can almost double the battery life.

If the battery on your smartphone runs out quickly and doesn't last longer than one day, you may want to try calibration, especially if you've never done it before.

recall that there are certain rules when charging a smartphone from a power bank. Thanks to this, your gadget will function well. Earlier, we wrote about a little trick that will help you charge your smartphone much faster and how to save your smartphone cable from breaking.

If you have scratches and scuffs on your gadget, it's easy to polish the smartphone or tablet screen, but you should do it carefully so as not to damage it. You can easily remove scratches on the smartphone screen using toothpaste.

A phone battery can drain quickly due to one common mistake users make. This causes the components of your gadget to wear out.

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