War in Ukraine

National Guard destroy mortar units of Wagner PMC in the Bakhmut sector (video)

Kateryna Dutik

Fighting for Bakhmut - Spartan Brigade National Guardsmen destroyed Wagner PMC mortar crews with 120 calibre mortar - video

The National Guard continues to eliminate the occupants in the Bakhmut sector. In particular, the Spartan Brigade recently destroyed mortar crews of the Wagner PMC.

The video was published on the Operational Armed Forces of Ukraine Telegram channel. The National Guard was supported by aerial reconnaissance.

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It is noted that the destruction of enemy mortar crews was carried out in the Bakhmut sector.

"Militants fired at the positions of the guardsmen with 82 mm mortars, but in response, the brigade's mortar crew delivered a devastating blow with a 120 mm mortar," the statement said.

The enemy target was found with the help of aerial reconnaissance of the Spartan brigade, which adjusted the attack.

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As reported earlier, the Ukrainian military continues to bring Ukraine's victory closer by pouring lead on the occupiers. Thus, anti-aircraft gunners of the 5th Separate Assault Brigade shelled enemy positions and captured everything on video.

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