Russia is restless: explosions at an oil depot in Tuapse, fighter jets over St. Petersburg because of a UFO, and a UAV crash in Belgorod

Bylim Olena

Russia is restless: explosions at an oil depot in Tuapse, fighter jets over St. Petersburg because of a UFO, and a UAV crash in Belgorod

Last night in Russia was restless. In particular, a mass drone attack was reported in Belgorod.

Local media wrote that several unmanned aerial vehicles were spotted in the sky in Belgorod and then published photos of the wreckage of three UAVs at once. It was noted that one of the drones fell in the courtyard on Sadova Street, the second on Shumilov Street, and the third was found on Popova Street.

In the morning of February 28, Russians from Belgorod wrote in social networks that one of the drones that had explosives attached to it, flew into the an apartment window in the center of the city. It is noted that the UAV allegedly landed at night in a residential apartment building on Popova Street. "The residents of the apartment were not injured. The explosive device was defused by sappers. 200 people were evacuated from the building. They were offered accommodation in a hotel until the special services finish their work," the report said.

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Locals write that two more drones filled with PE8 explosives and metal balls fell on cars. "Four cars were damaged. And another UAV attacked a supermarket in Shagarovka. The roof caught fire. No one was injured there either," the Russians write.

Later, it was reported that there was a fire near a Rosneft oil depot in the city of Tuapse in Russia's Krasnodar Territory - it looked like it was burning after a drone attack.

According to the sources of the ASTRA Telegram channel, the oil depot was attacked by two unidentified drones. The oil storage was not damaged, but the boiler room building was. Two craters about a meter and a half deep were found near the oil depot. After the explosions, a fire broke out on the site.

According to ASTRA, a Russian military barracks were 30 meters from the site of the explosions.

Local residents said that they heard two explosions a few seconds apart occurred on the territory of the oil depot, which shattered windows in nearby houses.

Meanwhile, the administration of the city of Tuapse urged residents "not to spread fake information" about the drone attack.

On the morning of February 28, the Russian media also reported about a drone crash in the Republic of Adygea. "Wreckage and two craters were found near the village of Novy. It could be a Soviet Strizh or Reys reconnaissance drones. The explosion was heard around two in the morning. The craters are about two meters in diameter and the half a meter deep with scattered metal fragments of an undentified object nearby. The circumstances are being investigated," the report said.

Then it became known that Pulkovo Airport in the Russian city of St. Petersburg does not accept planes. The city has announced the "Carpet" plan - this plan is announced in case of illegal border crossing by an aircraft or a UFOthe appearance.

The Russian Telegram channel "Baza" claims that fighter jets have been launched into the air. "Meduza" writes that the airspace over St. Petersburg is closed within a radius of 200 kilometers. Flights passing through the St. Petersburg's airspace are being turned midair.

This is what the flight path of SU 1002 from Moscow to Kaliningrad looks like, in particular.


According to the Flightradar24 service, there are indeed no civilian planes in the sky over St. Petersburg at the moment.

Also, local publications write that two fighter jets, Su-35 and MiG-31, are currently circling in the sky over St. Petersburg. It seems that an undentified object resembling to a large drone was spotted in the sky.

And in Crimea hackers once again hacked the broadcast of "Sea" radiostation - an air raid siren was on with a message transmitted to go to the shelter. It is noted that the broadcasting of transmitters receiving the signal from the satellite was attacked.

Residents of many regions of Russia - Krasnodar, Voronezh, Kazan, Leningrad, Belgorod, Saratov, etc., also saw and heard messages about the air raid siren and the need to go to shelter.

The broadcast in several towns of the Moscow region was interrupted by an emergency message to move immediately to shelter due to the threat of missile attack.

Recall, an address of Chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine, Kyrylo Budanov, was broadcast on the radio in Crimea the other day.

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