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In Russia, a businessman and an ex-policeman bathed naked in a vat of milk at a factory (video)

Bylim Olena

In Russia, a businessman and an ex-policeman bathed naked in a vat of milk at a factory (video)

Two men in the Semikarakorsky district of Rostov region organised a bath in a vat of milk on a farm. One of the bathers who decided to "rejuvenate" in this way was businessman Dmitry Ganzhenko, and the other was his friend, former police officer Maxim Maslakov.

Before diving into the milk, they took off all their clothes. The video was posted online.

One of the men in the footage notes that the filming takes place in 2023, so it's time to "rejuvenate". After propping up the barrel lid with a stick and putting an open bottle of whiskey on board, the men climbed into the vat.

It became known that the "rejuvenation procedure" was carried out in the village of Kostylivka. The company where the "spa treatment" took place is engaged in milk production.

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Alexander Hinstein, chairman of the State Duma's Committee on Information Policy, has already asked Rospotrebnadzor to verify the information. He says the milk could already be on the shelves.

The milk bath connoisseurs themselves claim that they simply poured about a tonne and a half of water into the tank and threw in the milk powder. After that, they allegedly poured it out. They filmed the video "for personal use".

The farmer and the former police officer who took the milk baths had to apologise to the villagers for their behaviour. They claim that it was expired milk powder - they threw three bags into the vat to "see what would happen".

Earlier in 2014, a similar incident occurred in Omsk, Russia, when four employees of a cheese production facility bathed in a tank of milk intended for the production of Kosichka cheese.

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