3000-year-old gold jewellery found in Cyprus: probably worn by Nefertiti

Maria Tsikhotska

3000-year-old gold jewellery found in Cyprus: probably worn by Nefertiti

During excavations on the territory of two Bronze Age tombs, archaeologists discovered gold jewellery dating back 3,000 years. A golden lotus-shaped pendant inlaid with precious stones, very similar to the jewellery worn by Queen Nefertiti of Egypt, attracted particular attention. These jewellery pieces are also a clear confirmation of the close trade relations between Egypt and Cyprus. Active trade with Egypt was also evidenced by the discovery of scarabs and fish remains found in the Nile Valley.

This was reported by the Daily Mail.

In addition to the jewellery, archaeologists discovered 155 skeletons and a treasure of 500 items. People were buried in the tombs for hundreds of years, so funerary objects and people lay on top of each other.

One skeleton belonged to a five-year-old child who was surrounded by a large amount of jewellery, including a solid gold tiara and a beaded necklace. It is likely that the child came from a very wealthy family.

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Archaeologists were able to date the jewellery: "Comparison shows that most of the objects date back to the time of Nefertiti and her husband, Akhenaton, around 1350 BC," said Peter Fisher, the excavation leader.

"The gold pendant we found is a lotus flower inlaid with precious stones. Nefertiti wore similar jewellery," he emphasised.

Recall that a ceramic vessel with strange inscriptions was found in Athens, which was probably used in black magic.

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