Soap and hairspray: how to hide the arrow on nylon tights

Maria Tsikhotska

Soap and hairspray: how to hide the arrow on nylon tights

Nylon tights are an essential attribute of a woman's wardrobe. But often we put on a beautiful dress and notice a hateful arrow on the practically new cardboard. If there is no alternative to tights or a dress, we'll show you how to save your nylons.


Spray the varnish 30 centimetres away from the arrow - it will stop immediately. Squeeze the material a little and spray again - the arrow will become invisible.

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If you have office glue at hand, use it to treat the damage and the edges around it. Wait for it to dry.

Nail polish

Take a clear nail polish and apply it to the damage. This will stop the arrow from moving.


If you don't have any of the above on hand, regular soap will do. Soap your finger and lubricate the arrow on the tights and around the edges. In addition to soap, shampoo, shower gel, and dishwashing gel will also work.

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