Mint and ammonia: how to get rid of mice in the house

Maria Tsikhotska

Mint and ammonia: how to get rid of mice in the house

At least once in our lives, each of us has encountered mice in our homes, cottages, garages, and other premises. Mice spoil things and carry dangerous diseases. UaPortal found out how to drive the pests out of the house.

First of all, set up mousetraps in the house with bait - a piece of cheese or sausage. If you see holes in the walls, floor, or cabinets, fill them with construction foam.

It is best to use a special poison against mice. Buy it and place it around the house, avoiding places where children or pets can come across it.

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You can wash the floors in the house with a bleach solution and then ventilate the house. Alternatively, you can call an exterminator who professionally fights pests.

Folk remedies

  1. Pour oil into the jar and leave it tilted upside down. You may see rodents in it in the morning.
  2. Mix sugar, flour, gypsum, and a few drops of oil. Put the mixture on plates and place them around the house.
  3. Take bread, cheese, or sausage and add poison to it.
  4. Mice are repelled by pungent odors such as wormwood, cilantro, mint, elderberry, chamomile, coriander, vinegar, and bleach. So you can use them.
  5. Buy special equipment that emits ultrasound. Put it in all rooms of the house.

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