War in Ukraine

Marines demonstrated contact combat with the occupiers in one of the hottest areas of the frontline in Donbas (video)

Kateryna Dutik

War in Ukraine - The Odesa Marines showed contact combat with Russian military in the Donetsk region

The Odesa Marines continue to strike terror into the occupiers. They skillfully and consistently eliminate them.

The video of the enemy's destruction was posted on the Facebook page of the 35th Marine Infantry Brigade named after Rear-Admiral Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi. It shows a contact battle with the occupiers.

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"The video captures a contact battle with the enemy in one of the hottest spots in the Donetsk region. The distance to the rushists was sometimes 50-100 meters," the statement said.

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To recap, the Ukrainian military continues to bring Ukraine's victory closer by pouring a lead on the occupiers. For instance, anti-aircraft guns of the 5th Separate Assault Regiment shelled enemy positions and captured everything on video.

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