Dream of all divers: one of the deepest caves in the world is named

Maria Tsikhotska

Dream of all divers: one of the deepest caves in the world is named

Krubera Cave is the second deepest in the world and is a delight for all divers around the world. Its vertical pits are enormous in size. The cave is located in Georgia and gives incredible impressions to those who dare to dive there. It has six entrances, which will take you through a series of pits, abysses and tunnels, making it the second deepest known cave in the world. Its slopes fall steeply by 100 metres, so you can't do without safety ropes.

IFLScience writes about it.

There are many underground waterfalls in the cave, which are striking in their power. The real depth of the cave could not be determined, so everyone is guided by the deepest explored point, which is located at a distance of 2,199 ± 20 metres from the highest entrance. Ukrainian diver Gennadiy Samokhin visited the cave in 2012.

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Mapping the cave remains an incredibly difficult task, given that there is nothing to do there without special diving training and equipment. In addition, it is very dangerous.

The drivers tell us about brave souls who stayed in the cave for two weeks, because to move forward you have to carve your way into the rocks.

There is another interesting place in Georgia - the Veryovkina Cave, 2,212 metres deep, which is 10 metres deeper than the deepest explored point in Krubera, and it is waiting for its brave souls.

As a reminder, a 10th-century amulet with prayers for protection was discovered in Bulgaria.

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